Easily formatting a document to the Defence Writing Standard - JSP101 - can be made considerably easier with this MS Word template software.

Conforms to the latest Version of JSP101 which is 3-1 dated June 2010.

Click here for a link to that document.

This version was amended as at April 2014 because of  the Government Security Classifications document published in April 2014 which amended the security classification marking and descriptors to be used on documents.

The software provides a military formatting system for documents to Defence Writing Standard JSP101 and conforms to version 3-1 of the DWG effective from June 2010 and as amended by the above Government Security document.

The system is complete with a full help manual and templates for the standard military documents that can be easily amended for each users local standards of logo, address etc.  The software installs correctly for versions of Word from 2007 onwards and works with 32 and 64 bit versions too.  It has been thoroughly tested in versions 2007 and 2010, but users have reported that it works fine in 2013 and 2016 too.

There is an older version for anyone still using 2000, 2002 or 2003 so if anyone wants this, please contact the author.

The software has been written by a former Army Officer and Senior Lecturer in Information Systems.

There are options to download either an automatic installation via a .exe file or for those who do not want (or are unable) to download and run an executable file, there is a .zip version which can be manually installed by the user.  Full instructions are contained in the third download.


This single version of the software - JSP101_v4.0 works for all Word versions 2007 onwards, uploaded November 2017

*** Please read the document ***
“JSP101 Installation and Use in Word.docx”

(To download the files, right click on each and choose ‘Save Target as’ in Internet Explorer or ‘Save Link as’ in Chrome)

JSP101_v4.0.exe is the self extracting archive that contains the software and which provides the automatic installation routines when run.

Some antivirus programs won’t let you download .exe files, so if the above link doesn’t work (Avast for example will block it), then you will need to download the .zip version.

JSP101_v4.0.zip is the zipped archive containing the individual files for a manual installation.  Using this method is almost as easy as using the .exe version.

JSP101 Installation and Use in Word.docx is a Word document that explains how to install and use the system.

Contact the author for more information

Hope you find it useful